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Some of my designes with gemstones and natural Agate and other stones.

When I went to college and did not do what my heart and mind were telling me!!! All I wanted is to be with my friends!!! My friends are still my friends, they are still there each is doing what she wanted to do. So as for me, I spent the years regretting what I did not do!!!  All  my life  I was engaged in office work. About 10 years ago I immersed myself in what I always wanted, since my husband was still working in his specialty. I did what I dreamed of, sewing, designing, jewelry making, weddings, showers, drapes, baby rooms , all on a small scale for friends and my customers but I can fill orders if I am asked. I have never been happier. What I do is not a mass production, but unique pieces whether they are jewelry or aprons, summer dresses, showers, weddings, home items. I only design the lot only once and never repeat it! I might repeat the material but in a different look. 


Here is my site my inspirations that I offer to the softer half of the public. All items and each one of them is a unique piece that I put my heart, thoughts and talent in designing it. Each piece is packed with gem and natural stones that are hand picked and designed in a unique way. My collections are in Tens. Each collection is in different color. Some sets are with earrings, very few with bracelets, some others are just  Necklaces. I offer 20% off till the end of July 2018 ..with a purchase of Can. $100 and with a coupon when you email me randa@beautybitsboutique.com. Enjoy your navigation and while navigating if you look north, west, east or south you will not find better value to your dollar and looks...as each one will be an added special look, value and cuteness. 


Look look all new designs and no imitation.

This apron is a sample of my work, there are eternal scarves, reversible cape, summer dresses etc.

Samples of my work like aprons (on the right), scarfs - eternal and long, summer dresses, jewelry, table runners and place mats sets, table cloths weights, bread warmers. All are unique in that they are designed by myself and I produce one only of each item.  

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Jewelry making is all over the market, internet and shopping centers. Mine is never copied and designed by me one piece only of each item.  I design for all occasions, young girls (necklace earring sets, pins and bracelets), evening (on the left) earring sets, wedding bride’s maids, and casual.   

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